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About Panda

One of the first and most important things all songwriters must do after writing a song is to create a professional Nashville songwriter demo. The same applies to artists that need a great Nashville CD project to showcase their talents. There are many opinions on this subject, but the fact is a recording must have extremely good quality, musicianship, and production because you are in competition with the best in the business.

Panda Productions of Nashville specializes in songwriter demos, artist CD projects, voice-overs, mixing and mastering. Our goal is to provide a comfortable, quality controlled, professional environment to promote creativity, artistry, and long lasting relationships. We are committed to give our personal best to each project and maintain the highest standard possible at a reasonable rate.

Reasons to use Panda - Established 1992; Professional; Experienced; Trustworthy

We accept - Personal Checks; Cashier’s Checks; Money Orders; Pay Pal; All Major Credit Cards


I am always asked about the players I use when producing songwriter demos and CD projects. Over the last twenty years or so of operating Panda Productions, I have been able to compile some of the finest Nashville session players available. Their accomplishments and discography would take pages to list so I’ll let you do the research. These are the players behind the Panda Productions sound that I trust completely with my clients’ musical creations.

Dan Drilling of Panda Productions of Nashville playing guitar in the studio

Dan Drilling

Joe Caverlee, studio musician in Nashville, Tennessee, playing fiddle at Panda Productions of Nashville recording studio

Joe Caverlee

Marcia Ramirez, studio musician in Nashville, Tennessee, adding vocal tracks at Panda Productions Nashville recording studios

Marcia Ramirez

Mark Beckett, studio musician in Nashville, Tennessee, playing drums in Panda Productions Nashville recording studios

Mark Beckett

Matt McGee studio musician in Nashville, Tennessee, laying down bass tracks in Panda Productions Nashville recording studios

Matt McGee

Mike Johnson, studio musician in Nashville, Tennessee, playing steel guitar in Panda Productions Nashville recording studios

Mike Johnson

Mike Lusk studio musician in Nashville, Tennessee, laying down vocal tracks at Panda Productions of Nashville recording studio

Mike Lusk

Rodger Morris studio musician in Nashville, Tennessee, playing keyboards at Panda Productions of Nashville recording studio

Rodger Morris

Equipment List

We at Panda Productions are in complete control of our client’s projects. There are no outsourcing tracks of any kind. Our clients get hands- on, professional production and quality from the moment that Panda receives the project to the last stage of completion. By doing it this way, we trust that each project receives the care that our clients pay for, and deserve.

A sampling of the quality recording equipment used here at Panda Productions Nashville Studios

There is no shortage of quality equipment here


  • 32 Channel Neotek Elan Console
  • Tube Tech compressor
  • 3 Empirical Lab Distressor compressors
  • 6 DBX 160XT compressors
  • Adam A7X monitors
  • Yamaha HS80M monitors
  • API and Martek mic pres
  • Lawson Vacuum Tube L47 and Neumann 87 Vocal microphones (both vintage)
  • 6 AKG 1414 Microphones
  • 2 Vintage Neumann KM84 Microphones
  • Other assorted microphones _shure 57s_sennheisers_vintage Rode NT2s


  • Intel 6 core PC/Windows 7 Ultimate
  • SSL Converters
  • Apogee Rosetta Stereo Converters
  • Apogee Big Ben Clock
  • RME Raydat Sound Card
  • Nuendo 5.5 64 bit Recording and Mixing Software
  • Wavelab 7.0 Mastering Software
  • Universal Audio Plugins (too many to list)
  • Ivory II Grand Piano Software
  • Yamaha Motif Rack Mounted Unit for Keys


For a Chicago-based songwriter and independent producer such as myself, the idea of writing my first country song seemed somewhat daunting. I’ve produced rock, reggae, blues R & B, rap and a lot more, but it was only in 2012 that I took a serious interest in country and what is known as New Country. Writing a song in that genre wasn’t difficult, but Chicago lacks the resources to turn out a viable recording of such material - in my opinion, at least. I couldn’t find the musicians, engineer or vocalist to produce the demo I wanted. so I contacted a few Nashville studios, by phone and email. To my disappointment the prices were too high for my budget and the studio cats I talked to were as busy chasing the "fast-track" as folks here in Chicago. Then I got in touch with Dan Drilling at Panda Studios. Dan and I agreed on a singer of my choice, discussed the song a bit and arranged for me to send him the lyrics and a rough track of vocal and guitar. A few weeks later, after one or two conversations, I received the MP3 and Wav files. Man, was I blown away. Suddenly I WAS A COUNTRY MUSIC SONGWRITER, like any other, and I had the tracks to prove it. Superb instrumentals, great singing and outstanding production. Folks in Chicago who knew the song from its original track (vocal and guitar) were astonished, and Dan took the liberty to surprise me by adding a touch of Cajun or Zydeco to the track. It all worked splendidly. And I could NEVER had cut that track for anywhere near what Panda charged me. It would cost me 2-3 times as much had I don it myself, and with musicians only half as good. Dan’s got my business from now on, and not just for country projects. Anyone who doesn’t take advantage of Dan’s warm, easy going and supportive nature and the skills he brings to the table just doesn’t understand the music business….. Dan Drilling and Panda studio is what country music and Nashville have always been about, just some people don’t know it. Do yourself a favor and call "Uncle" Dan today. And tell him I sent you.

Gene Lubin
Songwriter, producer

Thank you Dan for the awesome job you did on my songs! You made them even better than I imagined they could be. You were so easy to work with and I could tell you really wanted me to enjoy my time in the studio. You made me feel very comfortable and took your time with me and I appreciate that. The musicians you picked for my project were top notch! The songs you produced for me have opened many new doors of opportunity. I am always proud to share them with other industry professionals. I would recommend Dan and the crew at Panda Productions to anyone wanting the best recording services available! I am looking forward to working with you again.

Jim King

Hey Dan,
Just wanted to write and let you know how much I enjoyed working with you. You understood my vision of the songs and then took them to the highest level. The songs sound awesome. I have pitched them to several publishers and received great feed back. All have mentioned the quality of the production and asked where they were recorded. Looking forward to our next session.

Thanks Again, Danny Traynor

Dan Drilling of Panda Productions is a great resource for our professional recording projects. He is fair and competitive with his pricing and shows great attention to detail. Best of all, Dan easily “gets” what we are trying to create with our music and if asked (he) will offer creative ideas. Dan is our Man in Nashville!

Jim Donaldson,
James Donaldson Publishing Group, LLC

I have been using Panda studios for some time now and I am constantly amazed at the great quality of the demos produced there. Dan Drilling and the crew have some awesome singers and pickers on hand and I have managed to get many cuts on my songs as a result of the demos recorded there. Totally recommended!

Jon Philibert
Songwriter and owner of I Love Music Ltd
London, England

I highly recommend Dan Drilling @ Panda Productions of Nashville for all your recording needs. Dan is a music perfectionist with great attention to even the smallest details. It doesn’t leave his studio until it’s right. His prices are respectable. He incorporates only Nashville’s best studio musicians and is a working musician himself that frequents the stage of the Grand Ole Opry. I definitely look forward to working with him again soon.

Kendall Bond

YOU KILLED this song Dan…killed it…

I could hear Mike Lusk from the word go… incredible job on the song… loved the “waffle” type sound at start… LOVED IT!!!

Jeff LOVES what you did with his song… LOVES it!!!

It is always good to know that we can send folks to you Dan, and you will take FIRST CLASS care of them…


God’s Grace

Gus A. Wolman, III

Panda Productions has been one of my favorite studios to work with. I’ve enjoyed recording my own album there, and sending several demos to be produced. When I send a song to Dan Drilling, I always have 100% faith that it will turn out to be exactly what it was meant to be. Dan and his entire team have an uncanny way of interpreting my songs the way I envision them. My songs are produced in a way that exceeds my expectations, every time. The charting impresses me, all the instruments fit just where they’re meant to be, and the studio singers make the songs believable and real with solid vocals and beautiful harmony parts. The mixing and mastering always finishes with the perfect balance to my ear. Thank you Panda Productions! Thank you!

Diane Gee

Pete O'Brien CD cover for album Strange Days recorded at Panda Productions recording studios in Nashville, Tennessee

It was a great experience working with Panda Productions of Nashville on my album “Strange Daze”. Communication between Dan Drilling being in the U.S. and myself being on the other side of the planet in Australia was never a problem with quick emails and sound files sent across the Internet.

The Session Musicians were Professional and Overall Production was done at an extremely high quality. I would strongly recommend Dan Drilling and Panda Productions of Nashville to any artist, anywhere in the world.

Pete Obrien

Barry Russell CD cover for album What I've Stepped In recorded at Panda Productions recording studios in Nashville, Tennessee

Panda productions is the best kept secret in nashville. If you want a professionally engineered radio ready product you can’t go wrong with panda. Dan is an excellent musician /producer and he will record your project using professional studio vocalist and musicians with years of experience. I have been very successful getting world wide air play with dans product. I have had numerous comments from customers and radio personalities on th e professional sound of my cd. Dan and the musicians were so easy to work with and his studio has a very relaxed atmosphere. you can trust Dan to deliver a quality product. I am 100% satisfied with panda productions and Dan will be producing my future recordings.

Barry Russell

Trevor Murray CD cover for album Leave It Up To Me recorded at Panda Productions recording studios in Nashville, Tennessee

It was an amazing experience and a real treat to be able to work with Dan Drilling at Panda Productions. Dan is professional and an all around great guy, who surrounds himself with some of the best musicians around. The album I made with Dan, was my first solo album (Trevor Murray - Leave it Up to Me), and it was nominated for 4 awards at the B.C. Country Music awards up in Canada, including “Album of the Year”, “Traditional Country Artist of the Year”, and “Ray McAuley Horizon award”. We’re from out of town, so my wife and I turned this trip into a great vacation, that we’ll always remember. We got to live it up and experience Nashville, and I was lucky enough to work with Dan Drilling to make an album that I’m truly proud of. I’d recommend Dan Drilling and Panda Productions to anyone. All the best!

Trevor Murray